Lets explore the KlassTouch

More than 100 reasons to use KlassTouch

  • Great GUI

    KlassTouch is dsigned keeping in mind the general users who may not have the expertise in computers but they can still use the system easily.

  • Online Application

    KlassTouch is an online application hosted on cloud. Anyone with internet access can use KlassTouch anywhere anytime like a simple website.

  • Open for Customization

    KlassTouch is open for customization which means schools can mould the system according to their needs.

  • CCE Integrated

    India's first school management software integrated with CBSE's CCE grading system..

  • Multiple Language

    KlassTouch comes with the functionality of multiple language.

  • Ruby on rails

    The powerful programming framework, Ruby on Rails is the building block of KlassTouch.

  • Data Backup

    We take care of your data even in a case of system failure.

  • Addictive features

    Students, teachers, parents and employees of your institution will love to use KlassTouch for their daily activities.

  • Easy search

    KlassTouch provides a very easy search functionality which provides the user suggestions while entering the search keyword.

  • Removable Modules

    KlassTouch is a module based system where schools can remove the modules which are not required.

  • Amazing support

    KlassTouch is known to its clients for its amazing 24/7 support.

  • Available on EMI

    KlassTouch is available on EMI which makes it very easy to afford to all type of institutions.

  • Developed by the Best

    A unique school management system which is developed by the best talent in the market.

  • Multischool Solution

  • Complete set of services

    KlassTouch provides you a complete set of services such as Installation, Hosting, Training, Data Entry, Data Backup and Customization.

  • All types of Institutes

    Use KlassTouch in any kind of educational institutions- schools, universities, colleges and training centers.

  • Integrated with Moodle

    KlassTouch already supports moodle for e-learning management. KlassTouch can be integrated with other e-learning solutions also.

  • Video conference

    Video conference with Big Blue Button: KlassTouch powered by Big Blue Button offers low cost video conference for all kind of your academic needs.

  • Third party plugins

    KlassTouch also supports third party plugins which could be integrated with KlassTouch easily..

  • Automatic Updates

    KlassTouch provides you automatic updates as soon as they are released.

  • Graphical reports

    Get a graphical analysis on the performance of the students with the help of KlassTouch. Graphical reports are also available for other reports as well like Examination and Finance.

  • Custom reports

    Get hold of custom reports the way you want and also set fields of reports with the custom report plugin.

  • Parent and student login

    Both parent and student have their individual login access to KlassTouch which allows them to get access to their dashboard from any part of the world.

  • Employee login

    Separate logins to KlassTouch for teachers and non-teaching staffs. Use this feature to automate the system and process of your institution.

  • Powerful internal messaging system

    No need for external e-mailing services for communication.

  • Control privileges

    Advanced user management functions of KlassTouch school ERP software allow you to assign different privileges to different users of KlassTouch.

  • File attachments

    Attach files of all popular formats easily.

  • New modules every month

    Fresh, new and advanced modules every month for increased usability of KlassTouch.

  • URL of your choice

    Set your own custom URL to access KlassTouch,

  • Different Grading Systems

    KlassTouch supports CWA, CCE and GPA: KlassTouch includes CWA and GPA methods for evaluation according to international standards. Also includes CCE evaluation method as per CBSE, India guidelines.

  • New Functionalities

    Get new functionalities in the every release of KlassTouch.

  • Color themes

    New six color theme plugin for KlassTouch .KlassTouch has in-built color themes.

  • Group exams

    In KlassTouch, you can easily group various exams to make the final mark sheet of a batch of students.

  • KlassTouch is now Mobile

    KlassTouch is now available on your mobile.

  • Adaptable

    KlassTouch can easily adapt to your institution's system and process through the right configuration of batches and courses.

  • Security

    All data is secured. Don't worry about any crucial information being stolen. KlassTouch protects your data.

  • KlassTouch is a complete ERP solution and haven't missed a requirement of your institution.

  • The best school Enterprise Software of all times

    With the ultimate integrated Finance and Human Resource module, KlassTouch can take care of all the processes and systems required to run your organisation.

  • KlassTouch- Exciting. Complete. Lovable

  • No unnecessary features

    KlassTouch contains no unnecessary features which will never be used in real time.

  • No hidden fees

    Transparent pricing with KlassTouch.

  • No Technical expertise required to use KlassTouch. It takes you no time in getting used to KlassTouch.

    School ERP 10 Mins

  • Custom Data import tools available for easy migration from your existing software

  • Iconic user interface

    One of the best features of KlassTouch is the beautiful and non-confusing iconic interface for users.

  • Secure password management

    Easy recovery of lost password or change your password anytime for complete security.

  • Cutting edge User experience

    Highly researched and carefully done User Interface and User Experience design.

  • Available both for download and on-demand

    You, as a customer, have the right to decide whether you want to host the product in KlassTouch's server. You can host it in YOUR SERVER, under YOUR URL.

  • Manage batches and courses

    You can easily manage a number of batches and courses within the same installation of KlassTouch.

  • KlassTouch is the ultimate solution for managing batches in large organizations.

  • KlassTouch is perfect for government as well as private institutions.

  • Well planned roadmap ahead

    With 30+ modules, a lot more included in the roadmap to be made available in the coming two years, to adapt to any kind of school, around the whole wide world.

  • 100+ new students everyday!

  • Emergency Guardian Details

    Store complete info of guardians and parents to avail it in case of any emergency, right at the click of the mouse.

  • Revenue powered development

    One of the highest revenue generating system for schools through including the cost of EMI into the school fee.

  • Business friendly

    Help schools and colleges in getting ahead of the competition.

    School ERP Business Friendly
  • Attendance SMS

    A great feature for parents to keep check on their children.

  • Analyze student's performance

    KlassTouch allows you to store information about the past history of your students to let you analyze performance.

  • Send SMSes and automatic alerts to parents on their mobile phones.

  • Graphical comparison of student's reports

    KlassTouch provides you the option to get a graphical presentation of a student's performance for a thorough comparison with the class average.

  • Timetable module

    KlassTouch's simple yet powerful timetable module helps your organisation function efficiently.

  • KlassTouch's time table module has smart features like class timings and custom weekdays.

  • Regular campus updates

    With KlassTouch's news module, regular campus updates are shown to all logged in users. It's almost like blogging!

  • Do Great Things

    KlassTouch has a feature rich task management plugin for your teachers to stay productive

  • Inbuilt internal messaging system to connect with students, employees and teachers.

  • Easy attachments and styling

    Style up campus news with rich text colors or provide more information to students, teachers, parents and employees through pdfs and documents that can be downloaded by them to use.

  • KlassTouch, now used in 20+ schools and colleges.

  • Award winning school management system

    Awarded for innovation in the IIIT Bangalore tech fest.

  • Exclusive Tutorials

    We have easy to learn tutorials to teach you how to use KlassTouch efficiently

  • Subject wise attendance

    If the subject wise attendance is selected, the associated teacher can easily mark attendance of the respected students.

  • Smart attendance

    Integrate attendance module with external devices: KlassTouch allows integration of the attendance module with API of normal hardware like biometric attendance device and swipe card among others.

  • 45,000+ teachers, students and parents connected.

  • KlassTouch provides unique ID for all.

  • Channel Partner

    Klass Touch Informatica is now open for Channel Partnership.

  • Great Career

    Enjoy working with Klass Touch Informatica.

  • Exam management

    KlassTouch open source school ERP software allows you to manage exams, create exam timetables and reports as well as publish reports.

  • Student Blogs

    Use the blogging feature within KlassTouch to bring social elements within the school erp.