There are many school management system and ERPs are available in the market which raises a question - Why KlassTouch? We have so many reasons to define the need of KlassTouch in education sector but writing all of them here would only take so much space. Let us give you the 9 fundamental reasons why you should choose KlassTouch to manage your school -

24/7 Access: Being hosted on cloud, KlassTouch is accessible 24/7 online.

Monitor School Progress: Graphical and comparable reports to monitor the growth of your school.

Global Publicity: Use register link for online admission and publicity.

Highest Return on Investment: KlassTouch helps you earn money also while automating your school free of cost.

CCE report card generator: Spares the teachers from banging their heads in complex calculations.

Easy to Customize School Management Software
School Management Software Limited Usage

Increased Productivity: Five times increased productivity in school management processes.

Staff Performance Monitoring: Monitor the staff closely and take actions accordingly.

Satisfied and efficient Staff: Teachers and other staff is relieved from heavy work and satisfied.

Cost Reduction: 80% reduction in school management expenses.

From our Clients

"Its been an amazing experience having KlassTouch installed in our college. KlassTouch is really efficient and reduced the management cost to a great extent."

School Management Software Alirio

A. Srinivasan

"WE are really astonished by the product as well as the great KlassTouch team. They have really created a system which could be used in any kind of educational institute."

School Management Software Pascal Chewe

Rangarajan Swami

"I replaced my old ERP with KlassTouch and the results were amazing. It has a great user friendly interface which is far far better than any other ERP I have seen."

School Management Software Aditya

Rahul Dheeman